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AgapeBelgium is a place to grow, to heal, to learn and to connect. It is a place where we can practice 'to walk in beauty '.

' Walking in beauty ' has its origins in the unique authenticity of every human being and every living being. ' Walking in beauty ' is like a ceremony. It is an embodied experience that enhances our quality of life. It adds confidence, vulnerability and service to the way we walk our lives.

' Walking in beauty ' arises in our connection to our talents, our passion and our hearts. It is the breeding ground for our creativity and our joy. When we ' walk in beauty ', living becomes a dance of respect.  A dance that feeds our awareness and responsibility. A dance where we life in an atttuned way with each other and mother earth. 

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Voormalige student DBT

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Voormalige studente DBT

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Anouk Brockx

“de Quest heeft me gebracht bij de wortels van mijn angst. Door er in contact mee te zijn op mijn spot, de meest veilige plek in de natuur, een plek van gedragenheid en bescherming, kon een diepe heling starten. Mijn quest was een begin, een deur van overleven naar leven, van angst naar creativiteit, van…


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Stefan De Keersmaeker

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